Pete & The Morning Chill Out

Oh great!  You’ve checked out my page and now you know what I look like…so much for being incognito at Hannaford in Essex On Sunday Mornings.  Seriously though,  we probably have met either in passing or out and about over the last 26 years. I used to work at that “other station” before they outsourced to some dude in New York City that would much rather talk about himself and other people you don’t care about.  Glad to be back!  Myself, Sarah, and Jackie missed you!!

Not much has changed with me, other than my kids have gotten older, I say “stop doing that” or “please don’t do that to your brother/sister” and “No you can’t have another snack right now” about 3,000 times a day.  I’ve traded in Brunch at the Pour House…staying until 6pm.  With afternoons at Maple Street park, and Paw Patrol birthday party’s….I wouldn’t change my life for anything!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!

Great to be back on the Radio on the Penguin!!  And no, I will not be talking about the latest craze on Goop, but I may throw in a little double entendre now and then.